How to Market Yourself as an Independent Artist

There have been phenomenal changes to the marketing of music in this era of social media and internet buzz. This could swing both ways for an independent artist depending on how you adapt to the realities. Already, being an independent artist implies that you have to manage everything about your music. From the creation of the music to the sales, both sides of your brain have to be alert. This is how you will ensure you get the best of both worlds.

For most artists, managing the business end of their profession has often meant losing their creative genius. Conversely, preoccupying yourself with creating music at the expense of profitability and protection of your property can lead to depression. When you don’t get real value for your effort, it can lead to burnout eventually. So, how do you ensure success as an independent artist? More precisely, how do you market yourself in this highly competitive environment impacted massively by technological advancements and virtual realities? There are valuable tips that can be employed.

1. Take responsibility for your work. There is so much competition out there. Therefore, you are the determinant of the popularity and recognition your music gets. Identify the big players and professional artists that you admire and imitate their method of marketing their work. Soon, you will begin to get the right audience to show interest in your work.

2. Don’t blow your own trumpet. It is not enough to describe your own music as good while pitching it to music directors and A&R reps. Know that it is the public that determines which music is good and which isn’t. Therefore, when you want to attract the attention of the powerful people in the music industry, be sure to craft a witty elevator pitch that will pique their interest in your work.

3. Use technology to your advantage. The internet has made life easier than it used to be. Independent artists are not left out. Be sure to have your own website where you can promote your shows and draw attention to your productions. Additionally, connect with mainstream social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Your music should also be available on apps people generally use to get music. Soundcloud, iTunes, and Youtube are some of the most popular platforms to put your music on. Instagram videos can be used to get them interested in listening to more songs from you. There is virtually no limit to what social media can do for you but you must use it wisely so that it does not make you lose credibility. The desire to stay connected to your fans should not cause you to produce less than top quality music. It is quite easy to lose credibility in this fast-paced, highly competitive atmosphere. Create an email channel where fans can get in touch with you. Be sure to respond to their emails and stay in touch with those who want to be in touch.

4. Show gratitude always. Having an attitude of gratitude will undoubtedly open doors for you. Learn to say thank you to everyone who has helped you. When a DJ plays your song or a music director chooses your song, be sure to send a thank you message in creative ways. It helps you make more friends among those who can draw public attention to your work.

5. Perform at different events. Marketing yourself as an independent artist will sometimes require you to perform at schools, fairs, and festivals. Most artists usually think the only valid place for them to perform is a club. Not necessarily. There are fans everywhere. So, spread your tentacles and stay in touch with fans at these different events.

6. Create brand awareness. Ensure your graphic is great. Use logos that are attractive and can project your brand easily and beautifully.

As an independent artist, carving out a niche for yourself is important if you will be in the hearts and minds of the fans who love your work. Never stop working. Never stop improving. Be sure not to repeat mistakes when you make them and stay true to form. HootZoot can help you rise to stardom as an independent artist. Cheers!


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